Motorized Turntables

Motorized turntables are available in three configurations:
round, octagonal or a square base (the square base is 2" larger than the turntable diameter).
Variable speed and reversible rotation are available on some models:

Model 310 80 lb capacity & 12 to 14" dia:
$825 rnd, $875 oct, $950 sq.

Model 325 150 lb capacity & 16 to 20" dia:
$1325 rnd, $1385 oct, $1435 sq (18" only).

Model 327 same as Model 325 but reversible and adjustable speed:
$1625 rnd, $11685 oct, $1735 sq (18" only).

Minimum heights are approx. 6" for the 80 and 150 lb turntables.
Round bases are available from 12" dia. to 20" dia in 2" steps.
The Motorized Turntables are also available with illumination or with an outlet on the turntable.
The speed is 2 rpm. Other speeds may be available.
They can be made from a choice of materials: black laminate, black satin, wood veneers or solid hardwoods. The price depends on the final size and materials used. The illustrations are examples of what they may look like.

Model 325 in Black Laminate
18" Sq. Base w/ 16" Dia. Turntable
150 lb. Capacity, $1435.

Model 310 14" Dia. Turntable, 12"Round Base

Model 310 14" Dia. Turntable, 12"Round Base
Black laminate turntable with a round black satin base, 80 lbs. capacity.

Model 310 12" Sq. Motorized and Illuminated Turntable

Model 310 12" Sq. Motorized and Illuminated Turntable
The case is 12" square by 5 3/8" high with a black satin finish. The 9" diameter turntable is glass and rotates at 2 rpm. The lights are aimed at the center and can be adjusted up and down. The front lights are on a dimmer and the back lights are on a separate dimmer. A switch controls the motor. As shown the price is $1295. The lights can be cool, neutral or warm white. Each light can also provide blue, green or red illumination controlled by separate dimmers. The center of the turntable can also provide illumination.

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